Friday, May 27, 2005

Money or the Box?

"Too many people want to tend the garden rather than create paradise."

And so they are more worried about their balance being tipped than aspiring to transcend their current situation and approach higher heights.

Here's a take from one of my favourite "plus" men, Tom Peters

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dancing for Salvation

My Beat —Palmer Brown

As we dance to a beat that seems out of time
To the one you feel in the metronome of your mind
Does it offend you that our rhythm is strange
Or causes your thinking to be rearranged?
Could it be that you would understand this beat to which we dance
More clearly had you been given a chance?
So as you struggle to find the feel with your feet
Ask yourself, can you dance to my beat?

Watch us get down to this groove with an afro-funk feel
While we get hiiiiigh to a rhythm with spiritual appeal
Expressions of freedom from the descendants of slaves
God gives us strength for new horizons we must brave
First bondage then mental now financially oppressed
With this beat we dance we know we’ve passed the test
So as you struggle to find the feel with your feet
Ask yourself, can you dance to my beat?

The rhythm the rhythm the rhythm is our power section
The freedom we feel in our souls
We dance to learn those lessons
As our story continues to unfold
Our beat our words our melodies our gifts
From the givers of those gifts
We’re merely the terminals through which they have passed
So as you struggle to find the feel with your feet
Ask yourself, can you really dance to my beat?

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Battling with the Monster

When I initially started this blog, I imagined a canvas for me to share my daily experiences with finding the positive side of situations, particularly those that were less than favourable. However, whenever I come to it, I am stumped to draw out ones I feel are worth posting. It's reality dawning on me that perhaps this persistent optimism is not as easy to relay! Even though I practice it religiously!

But it brings me to think about the world we live in. Pessimism is regarded as an embracing of reality and optimism is frowned upon as naivete. It's no wonder that misery has reached pandemic proportions globally! We should really take a good look at ourselves and figure out why we hate ourselves so much — because that is what we express when we see no positivity in our world.

I watched a movie a few months ago with a friend. The movie was a celebration of optimism and hope and while I came out of it feeling very light and encouraged, he came out of it disappointed that it had a happy ending! As we talked we started questioning film criticism and how it is often the dark pessimistic films that are heralded. Skepticism abounds when people are happy. Even in day to day life, how often do we doubtingly frown at people who claim to be content? We seriously need to check this condition because it is in no way constructive to our own or other's growth and progress.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Relief working Overtime

"Had I not been subject to darkness I could not have seen the light."